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HAWAII is filled with rich traditions, beautiful beaches and  leaders on the  forefront of fashion.  Yes…we said it, leaders in fashion!  According to Pacific Business News, based on the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, Hawaii ranks in the top 10 states for entrepreneurship.  OUTFIT Hawaii plans to showcase its leading local fashion manufacturers, helping bridge the gap between established brands and emerging designers.


Hilo Hattie is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

hilo-hattieFounded in 1963, Hilo Hattie has grown to become Hawaii’s largest retailer/manufacturer/wholesaler of Hawaiian fashions and gifts.  From its humble beginnings on the island of Kauai and the International Market Place in Waikiki, it has evolved into a Hawaii landmark by epitomizing the Aloha spirit.  By helping support Hawaii’s growing fashion industry, they are inspiring new generations of local talent.



Reyn Spooner is the perfect example of how an iconic brand stays relevant year after year.  With their debut of the “Modern Collection” in 2010 Reyn Spooner proves that they can consistently take a Hawaiian classic like the Aloha shirt to heights of casual American classic.

classic reyn

Founded in Catalina Island, California in 1949 the brand began with a style of West Coast American cool and then later onto the beautiful beaches of Waikiki in 1956.  Through their collaborations with big names in Hawaii fashion such as designer Alfred Shaheen, lifestyle-artist Eddy Y and Stussy, Reyn Spooner has remained on the forefront of Hawaiian casual style.




Duke Boyd is the creator of the infamous board short. In 1963, he created a new “surf-wear” clothing concept  and founded Hang Ten.


Hang Ten was the first commercially produced authentic surf trunk; the company eventually grew into a household name. “Much of the surf industry’s ultimate growth into a multi-billion-dollar category has been based on principles of brand merchandising and retail that Duke originated back in the 1960s, using off-the-cuff ideas and seat-of-the-pants logic of his own and of surfers around him who he alone bothered to listen to, all based on applications of the real stoke of surfing that drove the underpinnings of the surf marketplace.”  OUTFIT is fortunate to welcome Hang Ten as one of our Manufacturer Showcase brands, as well as having Duke Boyd as a speaker from 8:45 – 9:45 am  on October 3rd.

Hang ten


 Jams World is a “manufacturer of contemporary casual lifestyle wear with themes that transcend markets and seasons.”


“Jams World has been designing and manufacturing clothing in Honolulu, Hawaii for the young and young at heart since 1964.  They have deep roots in the ocean and surfing.   Jams World is and has always been  about COLOR, FREEDOM, DIFFERENCE & LOVE.  The company is passionate about vibrant COLORS, the FREEDOM to dress the way you feel, the courage to be DIFFERENT, with HUMOR and a LOVE of life.”  During OUTFIT, Jams World will be  an exhibitor showing its Jams World surf line and Hawaii brand highlights in the Manufacturer’s Showcase section of the event.



Visit all these legacy manufacturers and other emerging local designers here at OUTFIT Hawaii to see what makes Hawaii one of the leading states for entrepreneurship and fashion.  This is an event you won’t want to miss!





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